1/ Posti  

POSTi Network is  digital educational resource for upper primary students (and teachers) designed to raise awareness about the implications of inhabiting digital public space. Its aim is to prepare young users of cyberspace with a shared awareness about one’s place and responsibility as a digital citizen.

As a secondary student have a look at the game and then go to the link  Full POSTi Script http://posti.artscentremelbourne.com.au/for-teachers

This is  a professionally written script  for this online came/ software.
Could you write a different ending ? Scenario? What other issues could be written for primary students to consider?

2/  Bullying – an interactive (secondary students)

Follow Paul, Jasmine, Zoe, Gus, Tom and Nadifa through a typical day in the life of a teenager. Where online and offline are not two separate worlds what would you do? Can you help each kid work through their unique issue?
Within this module, students are encouraged to discuss and clarify their own values and ethical positions in relation to issues relating to cyberbullying, including bystander behaviour, lying and pretending, self-respect and respect for others and acceptance and difference.

Teaching Activity: Activity Guide for Teachers of Secondary  Students: Bullying

3/ Social media – an interactive (secondary students)

School work is getting harder, what can I do to get the grades I need? Friendships are changing, why would they say those things about me?  Alex, Beth, Li, Phillipa, Shane and Tracey are normal teenagers, facing what many teenager face each day. At times it’s really hard to know the right thing to do. Can you help them?

Within this module students are encouraged to discuss and clarify their own values and ethical positions in relation to digital citizenship including, internet safety, privacy and security, digital footprint and reputation, responsibilities and rights as creators in online spaces.

Activity Ideas Activity Guide for Teachers of Secondary School Students: Social Media

4/ Tagged
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
Tagged is supported by lesson plans and compelling character reflection interviews. It explores themes of personal and peer safety and responsibility that are crucial to maintaining positive online behaviours and digital reputation into adulthood.

Activity Ideas: Considering the character reflection interviews. What questions would you ask if you were an investigative journalist? What advice would you suggest for younger students?

5/ Let’s Fight It Together
‘Let’s Fight It Together’ is a short film based on real events addressing the issues related to cyberbullying. It tells the story of a teenager who becomes the target of bullying via the internet and his mobile phone. The film shows a number of ways in which cyberbullying can occur, who it involves, and how it can affect different people in the school community.

Activity Ideas: The UK site features post film interviews with the characters. What excuses did Kim have? What could Rob have done? What was he feeling?  The characters and films include  Kim (the bully)TeacherMum, Rob (bystander) and Joe (the target) Before you show these to students get them to predict the excuses the characters will use or advice they could offer and present their ideas in Storyboard Generator

6/ Cyberia re-make a film
Created as a Class TV project at Thornbury High School
View Thornbury High Cyberia.  This film was made in 2007.
This film (11.46 Mins) was made by students for the National Coalition for Bullying Conference (NCAB) in 2008. Students present their view on the issues around Cybersafety in a frank, and at times, alarming way.

Activity Ideas: In what ways have things changed since 2007? Are the issues the same? What other information would need to be included in the film today?
Do you think anything in the film has become obsolete?
Do a re-make!

7/ Caught in the crowd
Kate Miller Heidke  Created by students at Upper Coomera State College
A contemporary song with a great message, ‘Caught in the Crowd’ was the subject for a school film making competition and the winning school was Upper Coomera State College. Here is their winning video.  This song is a great starting point for discussion around the role of the bystander and the ways they can support someone who they see is being bullied.

Activity Ideas:  What song could you choose to use as an issues based theme? Contact the owner ask if you can use it. Make the film.

8/ Mobile phones at school  

The Today Show (Coburg High School)
What do you think after watching this video about one school’s use of mobile phones in the classroom? The accompanying twitter feed presents different points of view. Is there a place for mobiles in the classroom? If so, how should they be used and what agreed behaviours do you think should be followed?  Develop your school’s policy.

Activity Ideas: Write a policy for your school.

9/ Games, apps and social networkingsites

Use this Quick guide to popular social media sites and apps to find out how they

work and think of how you would advise a younger person to keep themselves safe on the.


10/ Talent Show – Cyberbullying Prevention Commercial

Check out the slogan. Create your own. What key messages?
Use small words


The eSafety commission also provides resources for parents, teachers and students


if you can use it. Make the film.

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