1/ Global2

Build a class blog to tell your community how to build a better internet together. Share the word, the resources below and the things you are all committing to do to make 2015 a safer internet year. All Victorian teachers and students are able to create Global2 blogs. Start with a class blog and you can even keep it private or password protected until you want to share it with the world.

2/ Posti

POSTi Network is designed to raise awareness about the implications of inhabiting the cyber environment. Part game, part performance, the Posti Network aims to prepare young users of cyberspace with a shared understanding about their place and responsibility as digital citizens – especially their online behaviour and relationships.

Activity Ideas: Sign up (to save game progress) and play. Create a script using Storyboard Generator

3/ Bullying – an interactive (primary students)

Follow Ben, Will, Chen, Bella, Shannon and Waleed through six challenging moments in their life. In each situation they have a difficult decision to make. It’s up to you to show them the way. Within this module, students are encouraged to discuss and learn about issues relating to cyberbullying, including bystander behaviour, lying and pretending, self-respect and respect for others and acceptance and difference.
Activity Ideas: Activity Guide for Teachers of Primary School Students: Bullying 

4/ Social media – an interactive (primary students)
Caitlin, Luciana, Amit, Eli, Malachi and Madi are venturing into the exciting world of social media and suddenly find themselves amongst some awkward stuff. It’s up to you to help them safely navigate these tricky situations. Within this module, students are encouraged to discuss issues in the field of digital citizenship including, internet safety, privacy and security, digital footprint and reputation, responsibilities and rights as creators in online spaces.
Activity Ideas: Activity Guide for Teachers of Primary Students: Social Media

5/ Visit Hector’s World (young students)

Hector and his friends enjoy playing computer games and chatting online. They use their computers, the internet and mobile phones the cyber smart way. Explore the online world with Hector and find out how to stay safe.

6/ Jigsaw – Think you know 

Jigsaw shows that when you talk to people online and tell them too much about yourself, you might as well be inviting them through your front door. Before viewing this film, discuss with your class what they know about social networking sites, and which ones they use?

10/ Talent Show – Cyberbullying Prevention Commercial

Check out the slogan. Create your own. What key messages?
Use small words


The eSafety commission also provides resources for parents, teachers and students


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